1 Rotary aircraft between hotels at .25x Speed 720p

This footage is extracted directly from the very important HD "First Shots" video which was uploaded to the internet immediately after the shooting atrocity. Using timestamps provided by LVMPD, this sequence of footage takes place at approx. 10:08:00 on October 1st, 2017. Note that it is slowed to 1/4 speed, representing 12secs of real time, and is best interpreted at HD resolution. Viewing at high resolution, you will see anomalous flashes of light in the airspace between the hotels, and any aircraft in that vicinity at that time are flying with transponders off in violation of CFR Title 14.

KLAS & ATC between 0430Z-0600Z 2nd October2 017

This video links publicly available secondary surveillance flight radar da

3 Las Vegas Shooting First Actual Shots Original Rare Footage Mandalay Bay

This is a bite for bite copy of an attendee's original upload, given to the world on October 1, 2017.

4 New Footage filmed while escaping Route 91 concert - Las Vegas Shooting on October 1, 2017 (Lukum76)

Arial bursts captured between hotels at 10:06. This additional live footage independently corroborates the optical flashes from rotary aircraft.

5 Tuesday 6PM Briefing -- Shooting Investigation Update

LVMPD Undersheriff Kevin McMahill corroborates the validity of the leaked images of the room 32-135 decedent, including the full head shot.

6 Proof that a M240 Machine Gun used in Las Vegas Shooting @ Mandalay Bay

The rate of fire and waveforms match almost exactly. If you have ever used a bump fire you know they are finicky at best and certainly not capable of firing a perfect 74 round burst as shown in this video.

7 Route 91 - Las Vegas Shooting: An Audio Analysis Updated

Analysis of clip from Las Vegas survivor that shows two guns going off simultaneously. This video examines the rate of fire of the guns, and the sounds heard on the clip. The video was updated because people who don't understand the physics of sound wanted to claim the other gun was simply an echo. This cannot be an echo nor can it be bullets hitting closer to the camera from the original gun, because the rate of fire is measurably faster than the original gun.

8 Las Vegas Shooting - LVPD BODYCAM 360(SYNC)People At Bus Stop - Pinning Down The Final Round

At 10:16 PM we’re told Stephen Paddock killed himself, yet witnesses only report glass falling from the Mandalay Bay after the second of two successive percussions at 10:16:10 PM.